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Join the Great Easter Newt Hunt
Help us conserve Britain’s newts!

The Great Easter Newt Hunt is back for 2013!

The 2013 Newt Hunt takes place between 29th March – 30th April!

See what newts we found in previous years: 2011/12 results page.

Help us find out how important your garden pond is for newts! We’ll use the information to create a garden newt map and provide advice on newt conservation in gardens.
Male Smooth Newt
Did you know?
- Little is known about our most widespread newt species?
- They are the least protected of our amphibians!
- We need more information about them to plan for their conservation!

How to take part!

1. Get ready for your survey! See our NEWT ID TIPS and DOWNLOAD A NEWT HUNT SURVEY FORM for you to jot down your results.

2. Hunt for newts! Count the numbers of smooth and/or palmate newts in your garden pond over Easter (from 29th March to 30th April). Spend 10 minutes during the day and another 10 minutes after dark counting the newts in your pond and spotting other creatures. For your evening visit you will need a good torch to see the newts! Take an adult with you if you are under 18 and always take care by water. Jot your findings down on the newt hunt survey form.

Keep safe by water, visit this website for more information:

3. Record your newt hunting on our ONLINE FORM. You’ll be able to tell us about yourself, your pond and where it is too – and you’ll be able to link to other sites with information on other great pond creatures!

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